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A girl that is easily confused by many aspects of life. A Ghayda can not be given to much infomation at once to process at a time due to the fact that she will in result ask a stupid quesion aferweards. A Ghayda may also have large breasts and butt, although she does not know how to use them. Please do not be fooled by a Ghayda, because given the chance she may every once and a while surprise you with something clever to say. Last but not least, never mess around with a Ghayda's hair, because underneath those tight curls, there is a caring person.
Girl #1 - Did you know that birth marks are because doctors handled the baby too hard, and they have permantent bruises?
Girl #2 - That was such a Ghayda.

Girl #1 - Look at that gilrs body!
Girl #2 - She totally has a Ghayda figure
by T-Shizzle & J-Pizzle March 22, 2010
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