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1. The act of cock-blocking or being a cock-block
2. (Gevonte slap) To bitch slap over dramatically and follow with you hand being perfectly stiff and your fingers pointing to the sky
3. To ask a stupid question that usually is answered with sarcasm
1.Timmy: "Hey Janice, you know i like you alot and i want to go to the dance with you"
Janice: "Aww Thats sweet I'd..."
Bystander: (Interupts Janice) "Hey Timmy, are you finally asking that chick you stalk?"
(Bystander = Gevonte)
3. Garet: Hey guys I was so burnt at that party last night!!!
Mitchel: Did they have drugs at the party?
Garet: you fucking gevonte...
by Slendy-kiss-kiss September 27, 2012
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