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A special meal only attainable through the purchase of a McDonald's dollar menu item. A Getto Mac is a result of ordering a McDouble minus the mustard and ketchup then adding shredded lettuce and Big Mac sauce. While I created this getto fab food, I am sure some variation of the Getto Mac exist. I know of none other but my own. Price comparison shows the Big Mac =4$ and the Getto Mac at a getto fab and getto fordable =1.60$*.

National Getto Mac Day is currently held in every country with a McDonald's and the McDouble, on the 20th day of the 4th month.

While the origins of the name is not even somewhat close to a mystery, many urban legends have it that a legendary Lady's man and inventor / genius named "Big D" aka "spanky" aka "dougie" aka "WebMaster" aka "grizzly adams", first made the Getto Mac while stranded in the cold seats of the city... McDonald's. Lacking some real coin, Big D was unable to flip for a fancy Big Mac like all the other ballars and was forced to choose between starvation in the cold seats or painfully watch his McDouble have it's mustard and ketchup stripped off it, molested and forced to wear shredded lettuce and doused in it's captors special sauce. Big D, clearly a manly man, he ate the sandwich shivering in the dark lobby and was rescued by the common sense needed to leave once he was satisfied. Big D then spread the word of his remarkable sandwich upon his return to wherever the hell he was suppose to be.

*price may vary by location.
"hey buddy... I'm fixing to go to mickey d's and get me a McDank, spicy Dank, or a Getto Mac."

"Getto Mac?"

"yah buddy, it's the getto version of a Big Mac and I'm broke. I cant afford one of those fancy Big Macs."
by realfakeuser September 13, 2012
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