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Dates 24 girls but dumps them as soon as he finds a new one. A smoozer to the core, oily as an Asian wok, and white as paper. Calls himself the Asian Girl Carousel (AGC), and tells the girls he dates that it stands for the All German Club. Most notably, he guns you, as in after he's walked all over you, and pretends like everything is still dandy, he'll give you the guns. On good days, he will repeat your name twice. When he is in a hurry, he will get Mitchy with you in a drive-by gun fashion.
"JillJill...!! <pow pow> Howwww's it goin? Yeah? Oh man, I'm so pumped! Let me tell you what, JillJill...I've gotta go do something completely selfish and unhelpful to anyone but myself...see ya 'round, JillJill! <powpow>"
by Yoko February 16, 2005
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