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Get your feet wet is the accurate way but when said fast it sounds off...
Alternate saying to {get your hands dirty}
Can also be used as a silly universal slang to encourage (or persuade others) to do something they don't want/lack the courage to do. Or just talk trash to the enemy running away after an intense CQB
Drill Sgt.) Come on solider it's time to do some push ups
PVT) Yes Drill SGT!
Drill Sgt.) Come on Solider! Get your feet wet dammit!

A) I don't want to do the chores
B) Come on baby get cho feet wet!
A)I use my hands to wash the dishes...

Playing Overwatch:
Gamer talking Trash: Come on baby! Come on baby! Get cho feet wet! (kills the enemy) YEAAAAAAAH

Gamer talking to teamates: We need to get up in there...

(tank is camping like a {camper} )

Gamer talking to teamates: Come on baby get cho feet wet!!!!
by NidgeDFX June 12, 2018
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