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A term used by Richard Wagner to show a unified ensemble of differing art forms. Used more recently by Brian David Gilbert of Polygon to create the perfect Pokérap.
"The original Pokérap is no gesamtkunstwerk, but Brian's new and improved version is totally one."
by hereticpangolin April 18, 2019
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This word, coined by Richard Wagner in his theoretical essays of 1849-51, means literally "whole arts work". It is the idea of combining many variations of media for the purpose of Drama.
"That Opera was such a good example of gesamtkunstwerk"
"Well that idea is similar to Wagner's gesamtkunstwerk"
by Ezelwen April 01, 2007
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‘complete-art-work’. London Review of Books, Vol 24, No. 6, 21st March 2002, page 16 col 3 by Hal Foster, ‘Andy Paperbag’. “And these devices became central to his persona, which is sometimes seen as his ultimate work: Warhol as the spectral centre of a flashy scene, a kind of blank Gesamtkunstwerk–in-person”.
'Mediaeval cathedrals were the Gesamtkunstwerks of their era', recently heard on BBC Radio 4,
by klidenengro January 30, 2004
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