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An atheist who isn't content to believe that there is no God, or that religion is not worth believing in, but feels compelled to complain about religion at every opportunity, to the point of being obnoxious.
Oh god, here comes Ricky again. Dude can't shut up about how much he hates religion. He's such a Gervatheist.
by WadatahMyDamie July 11, 2016
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An atheist who absolutely needs everybody to know they don't believe in a god, and that they hate religion. Not to be confused with a normal atheist, who is content to believe as they wish, and only bring it up as part of the existing conversation. Named for Ricky Gervais, who spends a considerable amount of time and effort complaining about what people should believe. Mr. Gervais does not see the irony in this.
Wait, I don't believe in a religion. Am I a Gervatheist?
Nope! You don't split your days between polluting comments sections and r/atheism.
by WadatahMyDamie September 07, 2016
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