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The term 'Gerrye' has recently been discovered to be a variation of the old saying 'Divvy'. Divvy was a popular term during the late 1990's to early 2000's and it described someone who acted in a silly manner or behaved like someone who was know as a joker, wally or class clown.

'Gerrye' in 2013 is used as a exact duplicate as 'Divvy' and can also be used as a descriptive term. The term 'Gerrye' is widely used around the south east region of the UK but is rapidly growing through other regions of the country.

There are other spellings of 'Gerrye' i.e 'Gerrii', 'Jereye' and Jehrye but it's commonly spelt as 'Gerrye' and pronounced as ' Jeh - rye'
'Why did you do that? you're such a Gerrye'
'Gerrye means Divvy'
'You lot are all Gerrye's'
'Christian is being a proper Gerrye isn't he?'
by Kriss Horton May 24, 2013
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