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When you take a shit and the crap, which is runny and chunky, hits the water and splashes up covering your ass.
"shit.... I just dropped some German Shrapnel in there!"
by Darkhawk February 08, 2006
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Step one: Invite a bitch and an enemy to your house. Make sure enemy arrives one hour after girl does.

Step two: Feed bitch dinner consisting of excessively spicy Indian, Mexican, Jamaican food and a bag of dried apricots.

Step three: Go to the front door and ass pound that bitch like you're a gorilla on Viagra.

Step four: when enemy arrives open the door and then quickly jump out of the away. Revel in glorious revenge as that diabolically spicy shit rocket explodes in enemies FACE. Enjoy a hearty chuckle as that ass hat loses his dignity, his eye sight, and suffers third degree burns as the molten shit melts his face off!
guy 1: remember Jeff?
Guy 2: you mean the guy that stole your pack of gum?
Guy 1: Yes. Lets just say certain steps were taken and he no longer enjoys the luxury of having a face
Guy 2: *shocked silence*
Guy 1: Yes thats right. He endured the burning turd torpedo that is the german shrapnel
by Raging mountain goat March 22, 2010
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