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1a.) a cutey, finds men named Joe, (that play 1987 jbPlayer guitars, and possess a birthmark on inner elbow, born on a naval base and living under same roof) irresitable and loves them to death. Colorful and full of Flair Geri-Beths are rare and can be seen attached to the arm of 'above' mentioned example. Likewise - they can be noted for their hugs,kisses and luvinz to the above mentioned example.

1b.) Beware of exposure to chocolate and/or meat ( beef, steak mostly). This can cause violent reactions with serious repercusions. Removal of beef or chocolate from the eating surface of a GeriBeth may ,...wait.. no , WILL result in immediate medical attention needed for the individual 'stooopit' enough to attempt such a daring act.
1a.) ....." duuuude!, whoa.., look at that cutey Geri-Beth - too bad she is attached to that ' Joe ' over there..... just look at her, holding onto his ankle just dragging along behind him. why do they do that!?"....

1b.) ...." hey Geribeth! whats up... wow that steak looks nice, may i have a b..i.."... <---this person was rushed to the hospital before being able to finish the word 'bite'.
by GerisLoveBug February 03, 2010
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