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a derogatory term towards that group of people at school that is such a mix of different cultures of asshole that you can not describe them. They usually consist of being really annoying, think their awesome at everything, play their music out loud on terrible phones even though they have headphones, are obnoxious, possibly intolerant, most likely disfigured but go around believing there attractive, act as if they are 5 years old, talk about things that they have no business talking about, think that they can beat up anyone in the world, and dress completely in Walmart clothing and tap out shirts but act like its super expensive. They are somewhat of a combination of goth, grunge, white trash, weird, outcast, emo, screamo, punk, and poser. This term that is also used as a general insult toward any annoying groups or individuals.
Highschoolers playing Yugioh in school openly and trying to impress people with their "awesome skills".

Anyone not in sports who has a Mohawk.

"wheres that music coming from?" "oh just some Gerblunge kids playing there music to loud".
by hwhiskeygamersvocab January 18, 2012
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