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A caddy who devotes his life to illegally making non-taxed money from a private corporation. His daily dress code is the following: generic white collared shirt tucked into hand-sewn khaki shorts. To complete his costume he applies a "titleist" golf cap which he found in the lost and found in the pro shop ( good as new for him). He is known as the best caddy at the club, and his caddy skills surpass that of any tour pro caddy, yet he can not receive this level of recognition due to his illegal living status. In a mere one day at the caddy shack, one may learn of thousands of instances where George caddied for a famous person and " got teeped one twenti fi, es a great loop". Even though this crazed man shares thousands of useless stories, he has yet to realize that he is truly insignificant in the real world. Only when on the grounds of the club does any feel his breathtaking aura. If you are a fellow caddy who is lucky enough to be paired with george, your job will be easy considering george knows the break on your putt from 200 yards out. he knows the greens better than he knows his family.... because he has no family, so to speak. Although many would dread to be in his position making 35,000 dollars a year, barely enough to support himself, if you are of hispanic or Dominican decent, the dream is unattainable. One of such ethnicity must work hard for many years to make such terrible money, its the life of an illegal. may george martinez live on forever!
George Martinez
by caddy 51 August 08, 2010
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