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Some of the smartest people on earth. They realised that the former american president George W Bush is a total idiot and made some quite stupid decisions. They have also been called "BushBashers". These people often have a large amount of IQ and can think and act on their own behalf without a superior idior telling them what to do. BushBashers always have an advantage in discussions about the president since they base their opinions on true fact instead of wild fiction like Iraq was hiding nuclear weapons, preparing a mass-genocide and/or installing Paula Abdul as prime-minister.

BushBashers also have a common enemy, the BushLovers. Their opinions are that George W Bush did his best as a president and made the total right decisions about waging war with Iraq. BushLovers are also more commonly known as morons.
George Bush Bashers: I'm glad that we finally got rid of that idiot Bush!
BushLover: Why? All he did was fighting for the right cause!
BushBasher: And that cause was?
BushLover: That Iraq was hiding nukes and was prepared to fire them!
BushBasher: But Bush himself said that that wasn't the case right?
BushLover: Uhm... well, maybe he did it to hide the facts to prevent a mass-panic!
BushBasher: Right, so even if he was a aware of a nuclear-threat he didn't evacuate major cities to prevent millions from dying? Man, you guys are total morons.
BushLover: What does evacuate mean?
BushBasher: Think that proved my point...
by Lymesloop August 04, 2010
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People who tend to bash on George Bush, for making decisions that he alone did not make.

He does not decide everything on his own, he has to talk to the others, and it goes through legislation, they sign out the papers.

Stop bashing the president, and even more so stop fucking bashing on Texas you lazy worthless workers.

Texas should have split from the USA, to be rid of all of the worthless comments we get. You make fun of us for our speech, but you are no different. Atleast we wear the boots to kick your ass and step on your toes at the same time.

Carrying guns in our trucks wasn't illegal, until some damn yankee decided to say it was dangerous!

Also, those saying Bush hates blacks, have you ever noticed some of his friends you no good trash talkers? HE IS FRIENDS WITH BLACKS. He doesn't hate them, so grow some balls and quit bitching about what you think, he doesn't hate you, chances are he DOESN'T KNOW YOU!

As for the war in IRAQ, people would still be dying had it not been taken care of then everyone would turn around and be bitching that we should have taken care of them when half of the United States had been blown up.

Stop your Bush Bashing, get a life, and why not bash your own head in with a sledge hammer, or atleast end your meaningless existence in some manner that will make us who appreciate our president proud that some lame fucker died!
George Bush Bashers are idiotic fools who should die!!

Bush Bashing fuckers will die.

George Bush bashing is getting so lame, I wish the Bush bashers would just get killed.
by Texas Proud and Loving It! March 12, 2007
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