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1. Tea bagger defense of epic failure used by conservatives to distract people from discussing anything associated with actual facts.

2. Right wing nut job defending the invasion of Iraq to find the weapons of mass destruction that were given to Iraq by Ronald Reagan during the Iran-Contra affair.

3. Trying to defend the fucktard that appointed Donald Rumsfeld to fight the War on Terrorism against Osama Bin Laden KNOWING that Rumsfeld gave Osama Bin Laden $4 billion during Charlie Wilson's War to Fight Communism.
Why do liberals insist that it's George Bush's Fault that 20 million people abandoned their homes and collapsed the economy when they fled the country to avoid prison after republicans outlawed Mexicans using the Real ID Act just like Herbert Hoover during the Great Depression?
by Crackhead Awards May 04, 2013
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It is a chicken-shit way for democrats, gays, liberals, blacks, lame-stream media, Katie Couric, and all other worthless turds to blame George Bush for any and all problems happening in the world now, in the past, or in the future. It's a result of not being able to accept one's lot in life and to blame another for their problems. There is no time limit for placing such blame, nor is there a begining point in which blame can be assessed. Simply put, all blame is to be placed on George Bush.
Son: "Daddy, why did the Dinosaurs die-out?"
Father: "I don't know but I'm sure it was George Bush's fault".

Scientist: "We can expect a large asteriod to hit the Earth within the next 100,000 years causing mass destruction because George Bush didn't stop the asteriod's creation during his 8 years in office".
by Decon 4 and waiting June 02, 2010
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