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1. Tea bagger defense of epic failure used by conservatives to distract people from discussing anything associated with actual facts.

2. Right wing nut job defending the invasion of Iraq to find the weapons of mass destruction that were given to Iraq by Ronald Reagan during the Iran-Contra affair.

3. Trying to defend the fucktard that appointed Donald Rumsfeld to fight the War on Terrorism against Osama Bin Laden KNOWING that Rumsfeld gave Osama Bin Laden $4 billion during Charlie Wilson's War to Fight Communism.
Why do liberals insist that it's George Bush's Fault that 20 million people abandoned their homes and collapsed the economy when they fled the country to avoid prison after republicans outlawed Mexicans using the Real ID Act just like Herbert Hoover during the Great Depression?
by Crackhead Awards May 4, 2013
1. Economic Sodomy that occurred after 10 million people suddenly abandoned their houses in 2006 and fled the country when George Bush Jr reclassified Latinos as terrorists using Patriot Act and outlawed Mexicans using the Real ID Act.

2. Disaster capitalism that completely skipped states, like Texas, that were smart enough to outlaw the Real ID Act and Patriot Act.

3. Repeat of the Great Depression that happened shortly after Herbert Hoover outlawed Mexicans in 1929 and collapsed the US banking system and stock market with widespread housing abandonment when he deported several million legal US residents that had brown skin.

4. The perfect storm where the governator mated the Patriot Act with Real ID Act to produce a love child that turned California into a third world country with DUI checkpoints that stole $40 million of cars from Mexicans every year and simultaneously collapsed the automotive industry selling the stolen vehicles.
Example: What!?!?!? You mean to tell me Texas avoided the Great Recession by encouraging immigration because they already knew Bush was racist dildo fucktard BEFORE he almost killed himself on a pretzel?!?!?!
by Crackhead Awards May 5, 2013