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An intellectual connection made from one topic to Geography. Mostly associated with Human Geography for the Humanities and Social Sciences. Mostly associated with Physical Geography for the Sciences. A very useful connection as they are generally remembered and therefore available for use when a Geographer needs a case study as an example.
Student 1: So have you read that article on the Chinese Revolution?

Student 2: Yes and oh my god it is a big Geo bridge!

Student 1: How so?

Student 2: Well its because of the Chinese Revolution that the PRC and RC separated. However, the USA initially supported the RC to spite the PRC during the cold war years. However, now that the PRC is dominant in global affairs it will not allow the RC (Taiwan) to become a recognized independent country under the U.N. Because of this, Taiwan cannot claim sovereign rights of the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea although some believe it has the most claim to the islands. And because 4+ nations claim the islands because of their geostrategic location there is tense pollitical rivalries in the area which threaten global stability as the Spratlys are on a major shipping route from Japan to Europe.
by geo-nerd'12 September 13, 2011
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