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A combination of two words basically meaning a Vasectomy for males, a new synonym. In thought, a vasectomy is a minor surgical procedure removing all the sperm from the male member. It technically is the "killing" of a "people" but all only for the sole purpose of referring it in a more humorous sense.
Ryan R. : The wife is making me have a vasectomy, yes, no joke.

Andy S. : Are you serious? Why? Make her have her tubes tied! Screw that.

Ryan R. : Yeah man, genital genocide is a horrible thing.

Andy S. : You're tellin' me. sucks to be you.
by Rizzle23 July 30, 2009
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A legal term for someone who is charged with committing certain vulgar, sadistic sexual acts to human or animals genitals. This includes tieing elastic bands round a mans testicles while he is restrained, allowing the blood flow to be cut of so as the testicles drop off, into a saucepan and are subsequently cooked on a stove or fire. It also forbids anyone from taking part in the homosexual vulgar act of cock schlocking, were the man is tied down whilst three other men insert matches covered in paraffin or other flamable liquid, down the mans japs eye, then setting the matches alight and performing fallatio and masturbatory exercises on him. Genital Genocide is written under chapter 56 paragraph 22.4 of the legal and legisism act of 1754 in only 2 countries in the world. These two countries are not known, but researchers have found that they lye somewhere near the earths equator, in a region known as no mans land or NML.
In court the judge read out the charges: Right Mr Demp-C your have been charged with Genital Genocide, how do you plead?

Mr Demp-C screamed like a gorilla as he unbuttoned his shirt and ripped off his pants shouting. "I'm Guilty, Guilty as charged!"
by wuddawhist March 15, 2012
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