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A cute beautiful person will do anything for her friend she is a ride or die and will never let you get hurt and loves Takis and will never lie
Genevha is my ride or die
by Miss goblin July 29, 2018
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Genevha is a fun girl she's always up to no good she's friends with some dumb ppl like an anthony or a Thomas, aj, Chris, Kevin, Josh, she loves to hang out and wrestle her friends the most something about Genevha is that she does not care she gets hurt she hangs out with mostly boys because they're more fun than girls sometimes she's fun to hang around with she will protect to you if you have a genevha keep her she's a good friend/best friend she is a ride or die type of girl she loves to shake her ass and mostly on her friends bc it's funny she loves to smack ass and beat ass she's beautiful and annoy but mostly she's her
"yo bro genevha is amazing I literally will never trade her she's chill bro
by Miss goblin November 01, 2019
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