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The term encapsulates the fact that each individual's genetic quality is superior or inferior to other individual's and that each individual merits a specific rank on an imaginary 'genetic quality ladder' which is determined by numerous characteristics, such as their physical structure, appearance, intelligence, personality, talents, and abilities.
Thought the "Declaration of Independence (1776) states that "all men are created equal," those five words only mean that every human being is 'created' by means of sexual intercourse and that every American is entitled to the same legal rights. As everyone can see, each human being's genetic quality is superior or inferior to other's genetic quality. Even siblings possess different levels of genetic quality. Each individual's position on the "genetic quality hierarchy ladder" is determined by the quality and refinement of her or his physical features and by her or his level of intelligence, personality, and other talents and abilities. To scientifically determine an individual's 'overall genetic quality rating, different genetic characteristics are assigned a numerical value and added to determine an overall score. Anyone who denies that some human beings are genetically superior to others may have been fooled by other human beings, be attempting to fool others into thinking that is what she or he thinks, and/or may also be fooling themselves into thinking that everyone is genetically equal.
by Spot Tricks October 16, 2017
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