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Members of the generation who cannot remember the pre-Internet era. The generation that can only LOL, BRB, and YOLO via text messages and social media. This generation always received trophies; even when their team lost, never had to use an actual library, with books, to research anything, and think that emojis are valid forms of "normal" communication. Members of GenerationWTF invented "safe spaces equipped with playdough" on university campuses for use during "threats" such as seeing a flag at full mast or when they're "forced" to listen to the National Anthem.
Kingsley just tried swiping left to turn a page in a magazine. That's so GenerationWTF.
by Happylanche July 02, 2017
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An alternate name for Generation Y, referring to Gen Y's constantly asking 'Why'. Also making a subtle nod to the 1337 speak which has evolved from the early computer hackers.
Useless Generation WTF constantly bitching about doing work.
by Rowan Macfarlane November 12, 2006
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