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A Generation Blunt is made from unrolled and re-rolled blunt roaches. One saves the roaches of several blunts, removes the unused, extra-resinous weed from the tobacco paper, mixes it all together, and rolls it up into a brand new blunt. While the Generation Blunt's pre-smoked qualities may make it a bit harsher and less delectable than one might imagine a Dutch or Philly to be, the extra resin that's built up on the roach weed makes the Generation Blunt significantly more potent, especially when dealing with the dank.
Third-generation blunts can be made from the roaches of many second-generation blunts, fourth-gen from third-gen and so on, by which time you'd better be prepared to cough your lungs right out of your chest.
"Yo don't smoke that roach we're saving it for a generation blunt, man!"
"For reals? We haven't smoked one of those since two 4/20s ago!"

"What generation was that blunt man? That shit got me so high!"
"Oh that? Man we quit counting after the fifth gen, we're just calling that one Generation X."
by UberLemon April 02, 2009
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A marijuana blunt rolled with the roaches of other blunts inside it.
that generation got me so high
by Dee Lauris September 29, 2004
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