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Verb: When a single individual or group imposes feelings or instigates desirous, sexual activities within a group and does not give a shit who they are groping or being groped by. One can be said to be gender crushing when the action is blatant and obvious or even in just ones own mind.

Noun: When an individual or combined group of any gender mix has horny, romantic, wet-dream desires for another/others without preference to "tits 'n' bits" or "butts 'n' nuts"... they have a gender crush.
a). Underestimating how much "X" was in the punch, Little Dwizzle's dick flopped out of his pants on the dance floor creating a domino effect nudie dance of seething proportions. His catholic upbringing told him no... but his body began gender crushing shamelessly.

b). Cassandra had an obvious gender crush on Hiro and Yukiko, but who would she have first? Perhaps both at the same time?
by Sterling Arch March 09, 2011
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