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Gender Non-Conforming is a term used to refer to people who do not conform to the stereotypical or social expectations of their gender or birthsex. Their gender expression will always be different from their actual gender. Gender Non-Conforming is also commonly abbreviated to GNC.

Gender Non-Conforming is a label that can be used for all cisgender, transgender or non-binary people. The only requirement for GNC is that you're gender expression is different from your gender. This could be seen through using different pronouns (e.g a female going by he/him), dressing differently (e.g a nb person dressing femininely) or committing in stereotypes that match other genders (e.g a man wearing feminine makeup). These are all ways you can chose to identify.

Gender Non-Conforming can also be seen through biological gendered behaviour e.g how someone may walk or act. These parts are not a choice as they are apart of your neurological configuration.

Gender Non-Conforming is an umbrella term for many labels that related to not conforming to gender expectations. E.g tomby (masculine female), sissy (feminine male), butch (masculine lesbian), drag queen. Some people consider GNC under the Trans Umbrella and apart of the Trans Community however some people rather still be considered cis.

Examples of GNC are: masculine or androgynous females, feminine or androgynous males, feminine or masculine non-binary. Feminine females, masculine males and androgynous non-binary are not GNC.
A: "Why does Emily look like a boy, is she a trans male?"
B: "No she's still a girl, she's just gender non-conforming."
by hooots December 13, 2018
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Another defintion of a gender to kill the idenfication of people in systematic boxes. As if gender expression was not an historical cultural product.

Yes, this is very coherent.
She knows that normally people born with testicles are the only ones to love shirts and science, so she call herself "gender-non-conforming" for her fashion taste and overwhelming interest for non-Euclidean geometry. Btw, she hopes the world to understand her --the world is really dumb indeee and cannot see by itself things if there is no label on them.
Who will told her that gender is a cultural product, even a cultural myth? A myth that we can only kill by proving him wrong, rather than assuming it as the founding presumption of our thoughts on human behaviors.
Other: I am not sufficiently oppressed for acting sometimes unlike a girl is expected to call myself gender-noncorming and find this obsession with label suffocating.
by Stevy Wonder October 23, 2015
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