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Genatality is like fatalities in the game Mortal Kombat( some ridiculous move to kill your opponent), well in the case of genatalities, you kill your sex partner with a ridiculous sex move. There are all types of Genatalities ranging from the jackhammer, obliterator, tombstone, pitchfork, preying mantis, and etc. Jack Hammer would be for the male, while having oral sex you put your private part through the back of their head. Obliterator would be for both male and female, you have intercourse so hard, your partner would literally obliterates into dust, molecules, or whatever. Tombstone is like the wrestler Undertaker's finishing move where you would be 69'n and then you tombstone your partner causing the neck to break. Prey mantis is actually for the male, while doing doggy-style you do the mantis chop tot he partner and cut off her head. There are endless genatalities. Up to your imagination.
!)I just totally obliterated that girl, Genatality!
2)I finally got the preying mantis down, what a cool Genatality
3)This feels so good babe...BOOM, you just got jack-hammered...Genatality!
4)I have never 69'd standing up, well its actually the tombstone, later babe, Crack!...Genatality!
by Nazhman December 02, 2010
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