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1) a very unappreciative person who doesn't try to see other peoples points of view. a geldorin always believes they are correct and are extremely quick to judge others, failing to look within themselves to see how they can improve their lives.

2) often use others for their personal gain and doesn't quite recognize when they've hurt someone or done things which the other person totally does not deserve. forever blaming other people for problems they've created for themselves.

3) expects others to change their entire lifestyle and personality to suit their own personal and often high high standards. Don't believe in compromise, or effective communication. Often have a skewed perspective on what societal norms entail.

4) Geldorins can be nice people if only they knew they didn't have to put others down to feel good about themselves.
1) "what? really she said that about you. but Geldorin doesn't even know you well enough to say that!"

2) "Wilemina called you a bitch, repeatedly abused you and then blamed you for leaving the kettle on? Must be a Geldorin"

3) "Rachel didn't change her whole self so Geldorin ditched her then blamed her for not living up to societal norms"'

4) "she is really a nice person beneath that. If only she could see how wonderful she was. She's definitely a Geldorin"

* to some extent we are all geldorins and because we are not perfect, we tend to fluctuate in and out of geldorinness. its about recognizing when we do it and how we can change ourselves for personal growth as well as for the people in our lives, and on a larger scale for the community in general.
by Mr.Health.Funds June 13, 2010
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