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A Geffle, or Geffle-Geefton, is a large and primarily obstinate person lacking certain Cleffs or Cloofs. For example, a Geffle will usually be accompanied by another similar characteristic, such as a Teefy (or Toofy) disposition. This thus labels the person generally a Sqweef, Skoof or, in exceptional cases, a Skeng/Leng-Man.
"Give us a go on your new Casio timepiece Bernard"

"Excuse me Englebert but since when did you become such a teefing toofing Geffle-Geefton?"


"I am rather looking foward to devouring some sweet punani and swallowing some Teefy Squeefs tonight"

"Give over, you get less Squeef than an average Toofing-Teefington you generic Geffle Goof"
by John Pilkington July 02, 2007
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