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A geeky version of a teenybopper. A girl usually between the ages 12-16. Almost always has a massive crush on a fictional character like a
teenybopper with a boy band. They act like people who aren't into their nerdy interests are stupid and boring,when 15% of the time they don't
actually know much about their interest. Tends to dress punk/scene and wear things like fox tails or cat ears.Give a bad name to real nerds. It is
not always easy to spot one,because their are plenty of girls who dress like geekyboppers/have small crushes on fictional characters who aren't geekyboppers.
Geekybopper: Do you like anime?
Person: Nah, not really my thing.
Geekybopper: Fuck u I luv anime!!!!!!!BAKA!!! And(random name)is SO HOT , DESU!!!!!! <3<3(eats pocky)
Me: No wonder most people think anime is for losers.

Trekkie : Do you like Star Trek?
Geekybopper: Yeah! I love gir he is so cute!!! Especially the doom song!!(has never heard of Invader Zim)
Trekkie: * facepalm *
by I don't believe in humans January 02, 2014
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