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A group of nomads who roam the Earth searching for Fountain of Youth. All the while fighting effects of their split personality disorder. Their culture begins in the 1700's where the first Gedison, Zekiel Gedison, found out information pertaining to the Fountain of Youth. Their split personailty manifested when Zekiel Gedison was born. While in his mother womb Zekiel ate his twin Jebediah inheriting Jedediah's personality along with it. The split personality is a manifestation of Jebediah trying to over take Zekiel and become owner of the host. The Gedison's are hard to find and often prefer to remain in hiding and be left alone. In the rare occasion where a Gedison is found they often pretend to know nothing of the Fountain of Youth and usually disappear after a few days of the initial confrontation. The Gedison's provide valuable insight to immortality and the sacrifices made to achieve/keep it's secret.
The Gedison's are a dying race.
by redlovely August 31, 2010
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