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A GEARU is a person who is incredibly proficient with all things technical. Be it a complicated video system, a new computer program, or simply a high tech toaster, this is the person everyone turns to for technical assistance. Some people have taken this ability to an even higher level and approach a near zen like aptitude to know what every button does on every machine. A true GEARU exudes a calm and confident aura of proficiency. They have transcended the minor label of computer geek and become the true guru of gear, the GEARU. Also known as "the keeper of the knobs".
"I've been working for hours trying to get this video system to work. No matter how many times I try to set it up it just doesn't want to operate. I guess I'll have to call Conrad, he's a real GEARU when it comes to these things."

by miwok November 10, 2008
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