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An excellent ending to an amazing series. I almost shed a tear several times in the campaign.

If you're good, multiplayer is more fun and addicting than any other Gears game. It's also a more serious choice for hardcore gamers too. Just because you have a KD of 10,000 in Call of Duty doesn't mean you'll be good at Gears of War (sorry, no camping here.).

Best game yet of 2011, as of the date this was written, and probably one of the best Xbox 360 exclusives that you'll ever play.

For those who aren't concerned about the campaign but are curious about how it ends, this is what happens:

Dom dies saving the crew from the Locust/Lambent, the crew finds out immulsion is a parasitic life form that turns whatever comes into lengthy contact with it into a mindless zombie, Adam Fenix (Marcus' dad) dies after setting off a neutron-type bomb that kills only immulsion after injecting himself with it to see how it spread, The Locust Queen dies, Marcus and Anya repopulate the world together, and Carmine survives. There, you now know the major plot points of the Gears of War 3 campaign.
by CaptainHurpDurp October 02, 2011
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The highly anticipated xbox 360 exclusive that was accidentally announced april 9th 2010 on the xbox dashboard. The announcement was soon deleted but it was to late before a screen shot was uploaded on the web. Gears 3 is planned to be released April of 2011 and is a sequel to gears of war 2 from 2008. I'm hoping that it will have an even better story mode from the improved first one to second one and have the awesome multiplayer like the first one mixed with the the elements that where good in the second one and awesome new things. Gears 3 is going to be awesome.
Guy: Did you know Gears of War 3 was announced?
Dude: What?! No, way!
Guy: Yea! Go checkout the Ashes to Ashes trailer.
Dude: Oh, shit. It looks really epic.
Guy: Yea, I know.
by TheGuyThatHas7Toes April 13, 2010
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1.) For the true hardcore gamers
2.) Dom Dom Dom oh mahn
3.) Gameplay, graphics, design, campaign, xbox live = simply amazing.
4.) From locust to lambent to berserkers to brumaks n gunkers. da fkk izz dat? ;
annoying guy: let's play mw3!!!!!! ima rape all these muthfuckas!
cool guy: nah man i gotta hit up that gears of war 3. thats thaa real rape.
by soulfaithful November 17, 2011
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Probably going to be some more mexicans in this one since DOM dies in 2 ya know! :)
Pro Ownage: Do you like Gears of War 3?
ZOMG its G0d: NO you cant even jump and that's what Mexicans are best at!!
by FxA Demon Lord - Xbox Live October 27, 2008
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