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This is a mythical creature. It has been spotted so few times, and people who see it usually get paralyzed or crazy. Thus descriptions of it are very few. However, rumors say it is a gorilla like creature, with horns. It is also extremely ugly. The Bedouins in the Egyptian desert have nicknamed it "Condaliza" for no apparent reason. Gazbee's feed on mice, camels, foxes and humans. They are one of the most disgusting creatures you will ever find. The weakness of the Gazbee is it's flat foot that makes it hard to run in the desert, and it usually trips all the time.
Person 1: "Do you see what i see?"
Person 2: "OMG, It's hideous! look away quickly, it might be Gazbee"
Person 1: "La la na na hoo"
Person 2: "Her ugliness has made you crazy, you can never be cured.. boogy boogy ha ha loolooo dee dee daa"
by The Superior 1 April 25, 2010
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