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Dude 1: homie that guy has a barbwire tattoo.

Dude 2: that's not a tattoo, that's a gaytoo. Barbwire, ha! Its 2006 homo's.

Dude 1: hey that guy has something in chinese on his arm!

Dude 2: that's so beyond a gaytoo its a fagetoo.
by Ssimon007 November 09, 2006
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another word for the linux distribution "gentoo".

gentoo (gaytoo) users are known for pseudo-elite behaviour, thinking they'd compile their progs on their own and having a phenomal speed advantage.

in reality gentoo users wait hours or days to install some basic programs where the speed advantage melts away because they lack skills how to set up their systems correctly.

after weeks of system set up, they immediately swarm out into irc channels an annoy other linux users with discussions about how "cool" and "31137" it would be to use gentoo (gaytoo).

if you recognize gentoo (gaytoo) users in you forums/irc-channels/etc. try to ban them permanently!
g3n700: "`/00 |)3357|233 5uxx /\/\4`/0|2 455"

should result in:

"# *** Mode change "-o+b g3n700 *!*" on channel #debian by +Hans

# *** g3n700 has been kicked off channel #debian by Hans (Hans)"
by gaytoo April 19, 2005
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