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1. An abbreviation for 'gay haircut'.

2. A haircut which screams out 'homosexual' from a mile away. The person in possession of the gaycut need not be homosexual themselves, although it does increase the probability an individual is gay (or LGBT) by a factor of 1 Kinsey rating. Straight people adopting the gaycut have been known to cause confusion amongst queerfolk who try to become better acquainted with them, only to find that out they're not as gay as their gaycuts.
Person A: I just asked that cutie with the assymetrical mohawk if she wanted to hang out later, and she was like, "Woah, sorry, I like you, but no homo".

Person B: You're kidding, I can't believe you found yet another straight girl masquerading under a gaycut. We seriously need to call Judith Butler and sort this shit out.
by rainbowfrappe October 31, 2013
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