Gay Spider is a name referring to the Hazbin Hotel character Angel Dust. It was first used in the official Hazbin Hotel soundtrack with a song that is named "We Have a Gay Spider", It was popularized by the video "Gay Spider Assad Meme" where he was also referred to as Haram Spider.

This has lead to many people denouncing the characters real name and just calling him Gay Spider, especially people who dislike Hazbin Hotel and think that Angel Dust is a stupid name.

The name's most common usage though is in the Assad Meme community, where a clip of a cringy fan animation of Hazbin Hotel will be played and then you will be cut off and told to STOP WATCHING GAY SPIDER! This trend started with the Syrian President Bashar Al-assad but people have started using other political figures and nations, real and fictional.
"Stop watching Gay Spider! you just got Assaded!"
"Hail Assad! death to Hazbin Hotel and Gay Spider!"
"Gay Spider is the worst animated character ever!"
"We should raid a Hazbin Hotel discord server by spamming Gay Spider memes!"
by Basedonbrando June 4, 2020
The eight legged fiend of gay living in hypno
"Ah shit, looks like some gay spider is twlking about cum again."
by Some gay spider February 17, 2021