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Certain liberties gay men have with women that straight men get smacked for
*Gay brother walks in*
Straight brothers crush- Husband, cuddle time!

Straight brother-.....
Gay brother- gay privilege, dude
by Homoflexible.626 June 18, 2018
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Quite a new concept, it has only become recently - when people of the Gay race (homosexuals) have gained
more and more rights over the average Straight guys. The streets are becoming infested with this disease, everyday
when I'm driving to work, I see it crawling on the public sidewalks, Almost as if its just spewing out of through sewers, out onto the gutters, and getting nearer, and nearer towards your home.
OK maybe I exaggerated slightly, but that's how disgusted I am - I'm only expressing my hatred of them. I don't hate gays, I just hate the ones that have stepped out of line that's all.
Example: "Gay Privilege" - something that's becoming a problem
Example 2: You can't say "Gay PriVILEge" without the word 'Vile'
by 14326860 August 01, 2018
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