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For a male to wear a strap-on on his ass, enabling him to have sex with two girls simultaneously in a thrusting motion, swinging his hips, penetrating the two females vaginally or anally.

Can be done either laying on one's side with two girls straddling from the front and behind, with the male penetrating both females in a back and forth motion.
Two females mirroring each other in a doggie position. The male will face towards one female and thrust his groin back and forth so he enters both one after the other.
Example A.

Bro 1: Bro check out those two hot chicks. They'd totally get Gawjuh'd.

Bro 2: That's hot bro.

Example B.

Dude 1: I totally bought a strap-on last night to Gawjuh this chick and her hot mom.

Dude 2: That's hot dude.
by Rocco_Siffredi January 30, 2015
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