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Gaursk is an alternative name of the jeren accent, its comonly used by farmers, truck drivers, people from jeren and the people in 10B.
Most words in this "language" end with au and the j is pronounced with a G.
Gaursk is a more of an sarcastic understanding of the jeren "dialekt" because many people in norway dosen't understand it.
Exaples: in the TV show farmen there is a man from jeren, while other people talk norwegian like him is he the only one that need text when he talk, and one time on a talkshow named send kveld (one of the more popular talkshow in norway) they made fun of it.
Famous people who talks gaursk:
Some people in the class of 10B
Dude 1: have you heard the people from jeren they totaly donesn't speak norwegian
Dude 2: yeah i heard they have their own language just on jeren caled gaursk
by Kauspeur October 25, 2014
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