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Newspaper currently being published by four anonymous Cinco Ranch High School students who refer to themselves as "The Persian Rug," "The Legend," "Clicky," and "Oca." Named "The Gator Gazette" to allegedly create an attractive title ("Gator" comes from the principal's infamous line, "Go Gators!") This newspaper can be found in any boy's restroom, whenever a new edition arrives. Critics of the Gator Gazette claim that the editors desire nothing but fame among Cinco Ranch students, and simply waste time on the newspaper to put on their college resumes.
Person 1: Dude, a new edition of the Gator Gazette is coming out! Can't wait!

Person 2: You read? Gah, there are better things to do in life.

Person 3: That Gatah Gazette aint nothin' but trouble. Bonsal betta' find those pussy editors and whoop 'em with ISS!
by The 5th Wannabe Editor April 19, 2005
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