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Its a cross between a party and a gathering:

.Doesn't require invitation but does have a host.

.May not be in a hall or function room but may have music playing and require dancing.

.A Gatherty can be themed e.g fancy dress, cherades etc...

.Not necessarily fixed in one location, e.g a group may floww into the street or a park and still be participating in gatherty-ness.

.Gatherties are normaly not an event celebrating something and there is not a dress code except for themed gatherties.

Tim: 'hey Jacob, you coming to Malcolms gatherty tonight?'

Jacob 'What should i wear?'

Tim: 'Anything bro, it's a gatherty!!!

Jacob: 'But i havent got an invite...'

Tim: 'Dude!!! Everyones invited.... Its a gatherty!!!'
by mr cool 2008 April 02, 2008
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