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A right-wing extremist group that claims to "support the troops," but strangely enough believes that sending them to places where they'll most likely come home in body bags is the best way of doing so. In the opinion of GOE (as this group is known), shipping young men and women off to die is patriotic. Gathering of Eagles members get their rocks off by harassing peaceful demonstrators at anti-war protests. They have also been known to film and threaten peace activists and have gone so far as to assault the grieving families of service members killed in recent conflicts. Anybody who disagrees with the GOE philosophy is summarily labled a traitor and a "moonbat," whatever that is. GOE members are opposed by several noble groups that include the Winter Soldiers and Veterans for Peace, groups whose members know the horrors of war and seek to spare future generations from them.
Carolyn Swartout is an infamous member of the right-wing fringe extremist group known as a Gathering of Eagles. She has been witnessed harassing peaceful protestors and uses her family, including her minor son, in attempts to trigger violent response. She is a coward.
by Blenderhead1991 May 15, 2009
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