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That one friend of the group you want to be a part of, may be the ugly one or fat one. They instantly accept you due to low self esteem and you then take steps to move from fatty or ugly to the attractive ones or fun ones.
J: Hey I'm hangin with Lisa after work
K: Eww dude, shes like 350 lbs!
J: Don't worry, shes just my Gateway Friend. I'm getting closer to Vanessa and Kylie
by Santiago Falcon April 08, 2009
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People that you are only friends with because they are close friends with one of your friends.
Hey are you hanging with Jack?

No! Him and I are only gateway friends. I would only hang with him if Tony was here.
by Theman4408 October 08, 2011
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the friend other people use to get to someone they want to talk to, be with, date etc.
She is using her as a gateway friend to get to her guy friends.
by peders July 13, 2012
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