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Also referred to as gate lizards. Persons (usually young, attractive women down on their luck) who wait outside the gates of a military installation in search of naive, young service members (known as boots) in order to acquire goods and services offered on base and spend the boots money on themselves. They blend into the environment and are often seen on the weekends trying to land their prey. Their ultimate goal: marry a boot in order to receive full military benefits i.e. medical, dental, full use of the commissary, exchange, & acquire base housing. Some boots use these gate chameleons as a means to move out of barracks in hopes of gaining independence and receive extra money for acquiring a dependent. Unfortunately, the plan backfires for they're usually assigned a house on base and go broke supporting the chameleon's family (who moves into the home after the honeymoon, if there is one).
"Men, the weekend is here. Beware of those gate chameleons! They know today is payday and they are ready to spend your money."

"Dude, I'm gonna marry a gate chameleon. I can't stand living in the barracks anymore plus I'll make some extra cash because I'm married. Yeah!!!"
by LK_DA April 15, 2014
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