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A club where your more likely to get some then anywhere else. Places which are known for easy girls.
Tom: Where do you wanna go tonight?
Dick: No rap or hip hop shit, just straight gashment
Tom: I'm on that
by MC SINGH August 02, 2009
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1) A place or event where "bare" (loads of) "gash" (bitches/pussy) is "drawn" (had)

2) An exclamation of delight/satisfaction/approval.

British slang, originating and communly used in the Stevenage/WGC ghettos of Herfordshire, it has multiple meanings and is used in a variety of situations.
Gashment comes from the combination of the words "Gash" meaning pussy, or bitches, and the word "Bashment" meaning a club or party, usually playing Jamaican dancehall type music.
1) "Yo that was some sick gashment we rollzed to last night."

2) "Gashment Blud!!!"
by Notorious C January 07, 2005
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