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A new extreme sport.

Garth Ball Invented by a group of students at the Bangor University, the game is played indoors in a maze like structure, this can be created by a maze it self or any large building but is normally played in the university halls. One player is nominated as the RUNNER the RUNNER wears a vest with one Velcro target on the chest one on the back, a helmet with targets either side and ski goggles are optional. The other players, known as the CHASERS are each given a miniature tennis ball to throw at the RUNNER if a ball makes contact and sticks the game is over. The person who lasts longest as the RUNNER is the over-all winner but MVP can be awarded to the best thrower. The RUNNER is given a 1 minute head start and may not physically attack CHASERS or remove stuck balls. However few other rules have been created.
i love Garth Ball
by Danger Kid Dave February 12, 2011
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