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Garrison Forest School is a college prep school located in Owings Mills Maryland. The definition of a Garrison girl is non-excistant. The diversity in the school makes it impossible to label any one stereotype. The closest attapmt so far is this however: a Garrison girl is one that is studious, athletic, and an all round curtious person.
Garrison Forest School boasts excellent academics in all fields. With brilliant English, Language, Mathmatics, Science, Art, Computer, and History departments, the school is well prepared to point these girls in the right direction for success. Garrison keeps the girls occupied on the weekend with the always entertaining weekend activities provided by the teachers, and the students. Most of the inspiration for these activities come the many clubs that call Garrison their home. So with your new found knowledge of the Garrison Forest School, i hope you use it well, and have a nice day. Thank you.
"so what are you guys planning to do this lovely frieday night?"
"I'm probably gonna go home and finish my calculus homework."
by ksn June 24, 2005
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