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Aka gorilla hoe refers to a girl that is broad shouldered, husky like a gorilla, covered in cellulite, may have be born a man or a gorilla (yet to be determined), she has nappy blonde hair, with really small breast. She is almost 30yrs old (still refers to herself as a princess) and feeds on other women's sloppy seconds, even as young as 19yrs old. Some say fucking her is like putting your dick in a bounce house, can't feel shit cuz there is so much room. She is desperate to find a guy that doesn't have to get piss ass drunk and blind fold himself to fuck her. She will suck and fuck any guy who would even let her. Be aware she probably carries more STDs than a plane that carries the entire carry-on luggage. She is the ultimate rebound girl. She is so ugly, fat and nasty, that once the rebound cycle has occurred, the guy will then realize that nothing is as bad as fucking a cottage cheese looking cutter butt gorilla hoe.
Man: I realized something important!

Other man: what?

Man: Nothing is as bad as that Gariglio that I hooked up with after I broke up with my girl.

Other man: GARIGLIO? You didn't bro!!! Ah fuckin' NASTY!! You probably should get checked out. I would rather have a really gorilla suck my dick rather that that Gorilla Hoe Gariglio.
by 1DisturbedWitness November 14, 2009
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