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1) The sex act that involves crossing the middle finger over the index finger and simultaneously crossing the ring finger and the little finger. Once completed, the garden weasel is inserted into a woman's vagina and ass.
Guy 1: "So last night I finally got the courage to try the garden weasel on Beth.."
Guy 2: "Really?? How'd that go for you? "
Guy 1: " She screamed and then karate kicked me in the balls." "I think I'll wait a week to try it again."

Guy 2: " Sweet."
by Croy33 March 09, 2017
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Whilst giving "pleasure" to a partner in the Wheel Barrel position (partner's legs are lifted in the air, as if you are engaged in a wheel barrel race, and their body is thrust forward into a wall or other hard object)said partner's arms give out resulting in their face being pushed across the floor resembling a Garden Weasel tool.
I have rug burn all over my nose from the nasty Garden Weasel I got last night.
by Nasty D October 19, 2006
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A weasel that lives in your garden, i.e a cat.
Here kitty kitty kitty.. rowr! <scratches my arm when trying to pat him> Ow! Fucking garden weasel!
by mungler May 07, 2006
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