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Ganjtard- One who has smoked ganja and is so baked they have extreme difficulty with:

any oral language - speaking and listening
social rules
problem solving skills
acceptable public behaviors

social skills


walking, standing
self awareness- does not know who they are or where they are

And goes out in public and displays signs of being completely fucked up

Look like they are zombies.
Did you see what that ganjatard just did ? She just went into that phone booth and squatted and took a piss.

That ganjatard just tried selling me some pot but didn't know how much it was.

That guy was such an ganjatard, he just asked the bartender give me a fukin drink , the bartender asked him what he wanted and all he could say is a drink , it went on until the bartender kicked his ass out.

That guy is ganjatarded he just fell down and he can't get up, and is just crawling off the dance floor.
by penaught January 19, 2013
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