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An unhealthy Asian cross between emos, gangsters and rappers. Known for their notorious spelling skills, constant whining and an unhealthy and over-dramatised love for racing cars, fire, guns and blades.
The typical fashion for all gangdurhs must include black, lest they wish be called a "slut" for a shirt which might be a shade of grey too light. Leather jackets are a plus for both sexes, even in the hot summer days. Females can be recognised for their fobby hair and overkill of eyeliner while males are recognised for their spiked (and often dyed) hair, not unlike a porcupine.
They sport very aggressive behaviour towards anyone who does not agree with their ideals, especially their parents and all authority. With this aggressiveness, you will also find angst in abundance. They also have extremely tight knit friendships with other gangdarhs and seek to tighten this friendship through money-sucking trips to Galaxy World, because ZOMG, CARR RACINGG ISH SO KOOL.
On the internet, they can be commonly found on Bebo, and can be recognised for sphellin liek diss, often with the use of italics and bold tags.
Female gangdarhs will most likely have an obsession with Asian languages and boy bands. In their attempt to learn the language, they will flounder and fail the course, yet still act "Asian" by flaunting the few words they learnt in that language. This is commonly known as language rape and is a great embarrassment to the native speakers of the language.
It is thus concluded that self-proclaimed 'gangdurhs' are none but teenagers with a misplaced sense of anger and confidence, whose sole goals in life are to rape Asian langauges and cause annoyance to sensible people around them. Beware.
Conversation between two gangdurhs:

supz jamez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
wanna cT oneday?
biabiazzzzz! =D

B: ``mangz i got so muuch hww. fark i haett those teacherrs and mah rentz ar lyk tellin me 2 studii foh all dese tests. FAARRK.
ooh cT? lol letsh go galaxy!!! ^^
by SatiricalSunshine July 16, 2008
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