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A small town that stretches on the edges of both Macedon, NY and Walworth, NY. Its main attraction is a corn field. It also consists of an Elementary, middle and high school. Those are considered semi-private based on school taxes and class sizes.
Guy 1: We live in Gananda, yo. Homeshizzle.
Guy 2: Dude, your town is surrounded pretty much by're not a gangster.
by Paigeisawesomexo July 20, 2010
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Small white community outside of Rochester, NY. Gananda is sheltered. It has one store called the station were everyone goes to get their drugs and pizza. The high school is run by Hitler's head maiden who calls in NY state troopers to scare her students to death. Emo Resistant Program was started here and was on National news! Gananda students are known for hooking up with students from other schools because dating someone at Gananda is like incest. It gets infested my the Amish during garage sale day. Local police officer rides his bike around the school district and pulls students over but was recently put in jail for rape. If you like high property taxes and a declining school district Gananda is your place!!
Bob... Where do you want to go eat?

Nikki... Umm the station.. where else in Gananda?

Bob... ya i guess your right...
by kellyvanlaken March 31, 2014
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a small town in Macedon, NY that has a elementary school, middle school, and a High School. There is not many people that live there.
Gananda= not that fun
by Robbie Fisher June 14, 2007
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